Our Environment & Sustainability

MSF Print & Mail Management is passionate and active about best practice in environmental management. Our selected suppliers must adhere to a set of criteria set by MSF Print & Mail Management to be considered becoming a supplier. We also require our suppliers to not just adhere to the criteria, but overtime improve their environmental standards.

One of the most important environmental criteria is carbon efficiency. We require our suppliers to have a clear plan on how they are addressing this as well as how to achieve year-on-year improvements.

Reduced environmental impact
Furthermore, our suppliers must have a comprehensive recycling program, where applicable, for paper, inks, aluminium plates, and solvents. We are also looking at the press and pre-press technology and how it can improve water and energy consumption, as newer equipment seems to have a better use of these materials.

Sustainable supply chains
MSF Print & Mail Management supports usage of renewal paper sources, with all paper suppliers having to confirm to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Chain of Custody Certification.

We require further from our suppliers:

  • Printing inks being organic / vegetable based
  • Ink wastage kept to a bare minimum
  • Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology as it eliminates the use of chemicals and other by products compared to film based pre-press.
  • Where possible installation of rainwater tanks (to improve water management)

Print Green
We are all about providing the environmentally safest product for our customers, which, where possible, we achieve by:

  • The use of  recycled paper products
  • Where possible use 100% carbon neutral papers
  • Using biodegradable plastic wraps
  • Use of local suppliers – reducing transport
  • Helping our customers continuously to reduce usage of consumables
  • Provide targeted direct mail campaigns (reduce paper usage)

Our Vision
MSF Print & Mail Management’s goal is to become not just carbon neutral, but significantly carbon negative. This can only be achieved by working closely with our suppliers, and customers to ensure best practice is provided at any given time.