Australia Post Services

Through Australia Post we can offer one off mailing jobs and regular mailing jobs by finding the right service to save you on your postage costs. Currently the main five Australia Post services we can offer are:

  • Pre Sort

Pre Sort requires a minimum of 300 barcoded mailing articles to be eligible for this service. Currently Pre Sort can save you up to 22 cents per article in postage. This services is is perfect for one off or irregular mailings from 300 barcoded articles

Services such as Off Peak, Charity Mail and Registered Post can be used in conjunction with the Pre Sort service.

Pre Sort is the favored mail service for regular mailings in Australia.

  • Print Post

When distributing circulation periodicals such as magazines etc that are mailed two or more times per year we suggest using the Print Post service.

Please note Print Post services requires an application to be submitted to Australia Post for pre-approval.

  • Unaddressed Mail

This is mail delivered by Australia Post not containing any specific name or address for delivery. This mail can be inserted into an enveloped, plastic wrapped or simply unwrapped.

Unaddressed Mail is a low-cost business-to-customer and business-to-business advertising mail service that can help building awareness of products or businesses by acquiring new customers or building store/website traffic. It is a perfect communication medium with prospective customers when you do not have their name and address, or when you need to communicate with customers in a specific geographical area.

Unaddressed Mail can also be an ideal way to establish a customer database for future  direct mail campaigns.

  • Acquisition Mail

Acquisition Mail is a non-personalised addressed bulk mail delivery service, allowing you to geographically target an addressed mail campaign to residential address points in specific postcodes, suburbs or Census Collection Districts (CCDs).

Acquisition Mail service requires a minimum of 30,000 articles and an application to be submitted to Australia Post for pre-approval.

  • Parcel Post

For articles that are heavier than 500kg, not meeting standard to large letter requirements. Parcel Post permits these items to be mailed Australia wide and to many International destinations. Discounted parcel post contract rates are available for some large lodgments.